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  • Do I need a visa to arrive to Australia?
    Yes. Unless you are an Australian passport holder, everyone else must hold a valid visa in order to arrive to Australia no matter if it is for travel, work or study.
  • Will my passport be labeled when receiving an Australian visa?
    There are no more labels on your passport, you don't need to visit the Australian embassy in your country and get your passport stamped. Once you received your visa grant letter, your visa is updated at the Department of Home Affair’s systems. To be on the safe side - you can always carry a copy of the grant letter with you when travelling to Australia.
  • How soon can I arrive to Australia?
    Once your application is submitted to the Department of Home Affairs, either online or by post, you'll have to wait for the application to be processed. Each visa type has different processing time. Here are the guidelines for the visa processing time.
  • Do I need to be qualified to get a work visa?
    Not always, but for most work visa types you will be required you to hold a tertiary qualification. In some cases extended relevant experience can replace lack of official qualification. It is best to check with your Registered Migration Agent to be sure.
  • Can I work in Australia?
    Some visa types allow you to have full work rights while you are in Australia while others would restrict your working hours. Some visa types don’t allow you to work at all (like visitor visa for example). Therefore, it is very important to apply for the correct visa if you are planning to work. It is best to check with your Registered Migration Agentto be sure. Give us a call and we'll be happy to advise based on your current visa type.
  • Can I study in Australia?
    Here in Australia, you can find a great variety of courses that are suitable for everyone regardless of their English level or age. If you are interested in exploring your study options and applying to become a student in Australia, please contact us. We partnered with an Australian study agent who can provide you with information about the study options, enrollment requirements, scholarships, campus ratings, fees, courses and much more.
  • Does my age impact my Australian visa application?
    Age is relevant for some of the visa types (for example Working Holiday visa, Permanent Resident visa, and other work type visas) for most visa types it doesn’t have any meaning.
  • Can I add my family members to my visa application?
    As the primary applicant, you are eligible to add family members like your spouse, de facto partner or children to most of the visas. Your children will be eligible to be added to your visa as long as they did not reach age 18, they are still living with you and are financially dependent on you. If the child is older than 18, but is dependent on the parent and cannot work due to physical disability or mental disability s/he can still be added to your visa. For other visa types, like visitor visa or working holiday visa, there is no option to add a secondary applicant.
  • Do I need to take medical examinations for my visa application?
    Every person applying for a permanent resident visa must take a medical examination. In some cases, the medical examination would be required for a temporary visa depending on the applicant’s medical health status and location. For more information about medical examinations, please click here.
  • What do I need to know about the new Skilling Australians Fund (SAF)?
    As from 12 August 2018, employers won’t need to pay for training their Australian employees as part of their sponsorship obligation. Instead, they are required to pay the SAF levy for each nomination of a new employee. For more information about the new SAF levy click here.

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