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Your employee is a keeper!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

An employer keeping her employee

Covid 19 closed Australian borders and also kept the vast global talent pool out of reach for Australian employers who benefitted from them in the pre-Covid era via a temporary visa.

As an employer, you might have a few employees on a work visa, but as time goes by, you must find a pathway to keep them in Australia.

How did Covid affect your employees?

Before Covid 19, many sponsored migrants relied on the General Skilled Migrant (GSM) pathway to pursue and secure their permanent residency in Australia. This means that after approximately 1-3 years on a temporary visa, they would have applied for the GSM visa and granted their permanent residency.

Unfortunately, Covid 19 reshuffled the Department of Home Affairs priorities and GSM has dropped to the bottom of the list. Your employee cannot rely on the GSM visa anymore and must find other options to get his permanent residency to remain in Australia.

A stress-less employee is an effective employee

Keep in mind that if your employee leaves, you would need to source, recruit and train new staff, which will be more challenging due to the lack of new talent coming to Australia.

This will cause a significant expense for the business.

You want your employee to focus on his work and not on his visa status. It has been proven that supporting your employee will increase his loyalty, engagement and will reduce retention in the business overall.

How can you keep your employees in Australia?

Fortunately, the Department kept a few pathways for these employees via a temporary or permanent employer nomination visa. The most suitable pathway must be tailored to your employee based on his occupation, qualifications, skills, experience and his current visa.

Over the years, LifeinAus helped many companies keep their talent in house.

Book your consultation with Moran Shultz, CEO of LifeinAus – Migration Service, and find out how to keep your dearest employees close to you.


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