• Moran Shultz

How does the Coronavirus (Covid-19) impact your Australian visa?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Covid-19 impact on Australian visa
Covid-19 impact on Australian visa

As we reestablished our businesses as a home office, we must not neglect the longevity of our talented employees.

Despite the help package to Australian businesses, a valid Australian visa is still a firm requirement which isn't going away soon.

There are a few changes to the migration & visa landscape which should be considered now to ensure you are covered for the medium and longer-term.

Visa application processing time

At this point, the Department Of Home Affairs ('The Department') will still process all visa applications, including sponsorship, nomination and work visa.

We believe processing time will take longer than usual as government case officers might also be impacted by Covid-19 and its collateral effect. At this point, we strongly suggest securing enough time to allow your next visa to be processed and granted.

Travelling outside Australia

How does Covid-19 impact your travel plans?

Conferences are mainly cancelled or moved onlin