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Australian work visa for IT Genius

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

IT genius looks forward to starting his new job in Sydney
IT genius looks forward to starting his new job in Sydney

Have you ever dreamed of living and working in Sydney, Australia?

Did you know that Australia’s IT has one of the best work-life balance?

You can work on the bleeding edge of technology and spend time with your family on weekdays. Australian IT produced many unicorns like Canva, Tyro Payments, Campaign Monitor, Big Commerce and Atlassian to name a few.

If you are a Developer, Software/Hardware Engineer or IT Architect, you have a good chance of getting a work visa and a great role.

How can I get a work visa in Australia?

To be eligible for a temporary skill shortage visa (subclass 482) you must tick these boxes:

Occupation – Your occupation needs to be part of the occupation lists of the 482 visa.

Work experience – You must hold at least two years of full-time work experience in your area or highly relevant experience post your qualification within the last five years. The work period does not need to be continuous.

Qualification – You need to hold a suitable qualification for your occupation. Most IT occupations will usually require a Bachelor degree. If you don’t hold the relevant qualification, you might still be eligible to apply for this visa, by proving five years of relevant experience.

English – You must meet the appropriate English language requirement.

Sponsor – You must find an employer with the ability to sponsor foreign employees.

Can you help me check my eligibility for a work visa?

Our professional team at LifeinAus will be happy to assess your eligibility for a work visa once you’ve provided your most updated CV to and answer a short online questionnaire.

Can you help me find an Australian employer?

If you are eligible, your details will be provided to the IT specialists team in Mantech Careers.

Their fantastic experienced team will do its best to find you a suitable Australian employer who will be able to offer you your dream role and sponsor you for a work visa.

The 482 work visa can be granted for either two or four years depending on the list your occupation belongs to.

The Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) can be granted for two years while the Medium and long term strategic list (MLTSSL) can be issued for four years.

The 482 visa will enable you, your partner and your dependent children to work, study and live in Australia.

Based on the specific occupation list, there are pathways for a second 482 work visa or a Permanent Resident visa which allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely.

For an eligibility check, email us your updated CV to and we'll get back to you with your best options to live and work in Australia.

The LifeinAus team



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