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New Permanent Resident visa pathways for the Northern Territory - The DAMA II Agreement

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

New Permanent Resident visa pathways for the Northern Territory
New Permanent Resident visa pathways for the Northern Territory

If you always dreamed of living in Australia, in a dynamic and progressive environment, yet has a relaxed and friendly pace. In the Northern Territory, you will find more than 100 nationalities who happily share their cultures besides being surrounded by wild nature with some of the best national parks in Australia.

As from this January 2019, The Northern Territory Government has opened its doors to skilled migrants holding one of the 117 listed occupations and offers a pathway to permanent residency. (this program is called The Northern Territory (NT) DAMA II scheme).

NT employers can now sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers for positions if they can’t find a local employee to fill it. This agreement is relevant for those who are willing to work and live in the region for at least three years.

Between the 117 offers occupations, you can find professions like - General Accountants, Engineers, Electricians, Bar Attendants, Waiters, Cooks, Bakers, Baristas, Bus drivers, Café and Restaurant Managers, Chefs, Child Care Workers, Hairdressers, Hotel Managers, Motor Mechanics, Plumbers, Property Managers, Tour Guides, Truck Drivers, Wed Designer, Welfare Workers and many more. Here you can find the full list of occupations.

Your level of qualifications and experience required varies according to your profession. However the minimum experience is one year post the completion of your qualification.

You should also be aware that many occupations on the list are eligible for English language concession, which can increase your chances to apply for this visa.

If you hold any of the occupations on the list, have the right qualification & experience and you are ready to find your next employer at the NT - we are here to help you with your Permanent Residence visa.

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